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John Immel Consulting
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Database Consulting & Design
J.Immel develops university, nonprofit, and public health technology with the belief that technology helps research groups and nonprofits to discover new ideas that improve quality of life everywhere.

For example, at Yale University our case management software effectively manages a Child Mental Health clinic, reports results to the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) and interfaces with Yale Medical Hospital central billing.

By visiting organizations, meeting with people, and reviewing existing software, we've discovered that many organizations could save money, improve management and reach out to community more effectively. Here are some other examples:

  • Mobile communications system in Bangladesh connects village field workers and improves water quality.
  • Tracking election results in Nicaragua and producing statistical reports.
  • Building an online community and media resource center for The Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University.

Reference Clients

Yale Child Study Center
Columbia University
Harvard Kennedy School of Gov't
Harvard University Herbaria
Harvard Latin American Studies
College of William and Mary
Charles MGH / Mass General Hospital
National Bureau of Economic Research
Boston University
Fidelity Investments
Mitsubishi Electronics
Addison Wesley Publishing

John Immel develops software for public health with a particular focus on South Asia & the Middle East. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Harvard University and has over ten years client management and international project experience.

In 2006, John deployed a mobile communications system in Bangladesh to reduce arsenic contamination in well water. In its final implementation the database coverage will include grass-roots access to over 4 million wells from remote villages. John has spoken the Bengali language for ten years and is a student of Ayurveda, the ancient folk medicine of India.

In 2003, John initiated the first Exchange Program for studying Islamic Gender Studies in Fes, Morocco, with support from Professor Fatima Sadiqi and His Majesty Mohammed V of Morocco.

Prior to 2003, John received the "Internet Pioneer Award" as CEO of technology firm Circle Strategies. In 1999 he founded and raised $1.5 million dollars seed capital for rfpMarket, now called directoryM, listed on the INC 500 list of fastest growing companies for 2007.

John leads the Harvard NonProfits and Harvard Middle East discussion groups with over 500 members. He has served as an assistant teacher in "International Economics", "Economic Development in India and East Asia", and "Data Structures and Algorithms" at Harvard University.

By appointment, John sat on the 2002 Economic Development Council for the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts.

For more information and a free analysis, contact John at 617-869-8326 or email


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